About me & my fashion blog

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’

Styled by Chris - profile picture Christel 

 Hi! Welcome, and thanks for visiting my blog!

I’m Christel, 34 years old and from The Netherlands. I live in Rotterdam together with my boyfriend and I am a proud mom of my first son Milan Benjamin.

A year ago I started my blog Addicted to Fashion. I was reading a lot of fashion blogs when I decided to start my own. I wanted to share all my ideas and inspiration about fashion with others. When I became pregnant I decided that I want to make my blog more personal, like a diary. This is why in September of this year I’ve changed my website and name in Styled by Chris.

Everything you see on my blog is real, this is me. I choose my own outfits, we make the pictures ourselfs and each style advice and answered question comes from me. I prefer working with brands which I love and fit my personal style.
That makes my blog so personal and that’s the only way how to bring you true inspiration every day. My blog became a part of my life. From the moment I started working on it, I spend every little second of my time on it and I still love to do this every single day!

The best advice I can give you is stay true to yourself! Wear clothes that you like and love and those who fits you the best. Because your style is a way to show people who you really are without having to speak.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog!

Lots of love,