First post-pregnancy outfit on my blog


The first three weeks as fresh new mom have already past. Three weeks being busy with only one thing; my baby boy :)) Of course this is great and wonderful but I can tell you it’s really tough too. My whole life turned around in one day. Every second, minute and hour of the day it is only my baby what’s on my mind. So no time anymore for the things that I love(d) to do, like my blog. It looks like Milan knows it when I want to write a post. The moment when I sit down behind my laptop he immediately asks for my attention. So no outfit posts for the past three weeks. Except the fact that I didn’t have any energy to go outside for making pictures, it was not possible to make them in my now so called busy baby-life.
Today it was the first time to make pictures. Unfortunately bad weather but hey you can’t have it all. Milan was waiting in the car next to us when we were making pictures :))
Of course I am not back in shape already. I realize that this will take a few months after a pregnancy of nine months. But well hey I’m not Doutzen Kroes…After 6 to 8 weeks I can move my butt back to the gym again. Another 5 kilos to get rid off and a fit and tight body to go before I’ll feel comfortable enough to put myself in my bikini again :)) In Holland it will take months before the bikini-weather will show up. This will give me some time to work on my body also as the rhythm of the life of a fresh mom!









I am wearing:

Dress: H&M Trend
Leather biker jacket (simular): Pepe Jeans
Leatherlook legging: H&M
Melody black biker boots: Supertrash


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