The milestone of 9 months


We’ve reached the best milestone so far. The milestone of 9 months. It’s the best so far for Milan and for mom & dad. This milestone has brought the rest back in our home. That sounds pretty weird as a lot of moms say that this is quite a tougher period. They all tell me the same story, I quote: ‘wait till your baby can crawl, you don’t have any rest anymore’.

Milan is a very good crawler. He is exploring everything in the house. And by this, a lot of frustration seems to be disappeared. For a few weeks the much discussed “rest” is back in our house. The so called rest which we missed for 9 months. Milan is more happy than ever and he enjoys everything he sees and does.
And that’s not all….since a few days he can also stand on his own. With some help of chairs, tables and the sofa of course ;-)) And not to forget; he already has 5 teeth! And he seems so incredibly proud of himself. And we are even more proud of him.

So to speak of a tough period….I love this time and I love this period and Milan does even more!

And doesn’t he looks cool in his new outfit?!






Milan is wearing:

VINGINO sweater


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