His first steps


Now the year is almost over, I’m more and more thinking about Milan’s first birthday. In January it’s already been one year ago since he came into our lives. And we have known that hahaha.
A baby is so dependent on his parents in the first year and after that he’s able to do much more things by himself. Milan has become a real toddler. Officially, he isn’t yet, but it looks and feels like he is already. The baby-baby thing is gone and we get to know him better and better every day. He’s a boy with a strong will and he doesn’t like to lose. In a few years we probably will see the Monopoly games flying through our house when he lost a game. But I think that’s just a good feature because that often means he has a strong perseverance.

And that perseverance has already brought him so far that he is able to do everything just a bit quicker than his peers. Crawling, standing and talking…with all the others he was just one step ahead. And now his first birthday is almost here, it will not take long before he will take his first steps. Without the aid of a bench, table or hand from mom or dad.

So from now on everything will be more fun, in my experience ;-)) I’ve never been the type who enjoyed babies that much. But when you talk of your own baby this will be different of course (for one time I will not speak against someone ;-)) But to be completely honest I thought it was quite a hassle. Milan is becoming more and more independent and this will be more fun for him and for his mom and dad as well. I cannot wait for him to make his first steps!

Because the beginning is a bit tottering, Milan wears socks with studs on the bottom when we are at home. This will make it easier to stand up and he cannot slide that quick. When we go outside he wears shoes (of course ;-)) which is now for “show”. What can you expect more from a fashion minded girl like me haha.
But soon he will be walking I think it’s important he wears good shoes that are suitable for his first steps. I orient a bit online and found some great shoes on Nelson.nl which are still stylish too. That can be quite a challenge when you’re looking for first shoes. Much of them aren’t that fashionable at all. And want to know what the trends for kidsshoes are this season? Click here to see. 

I selected my favorites for Milan. I can put them on his wishlist for his first birthday. Even with the wishlist of your baby you cannot start early enough ;-))
And because they are so adorable I made a selection for baby girls as well.

Which is your favorite?




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