The Investment Piece | Combat boots



An essential garment in your wardrobe, wearable in various ways, a time-lapse item which is therefore called: ‘The investment piece’.

A woman cannot have enough shoes. Although you can’t wear them all together, it’s great to have that much choice don’t you think so? As you know I’m a huge fan of tough boots. Combat boots or lace boots (yes the one soldiers wear) are my biggest favorite. They are so versatile. You can wear these boots with jeans but also combine them with your girly dress or skirt with Isabel Marant look.
Since a few years we see these boots a lot more often on the streets, on fashionblogs and it become a real musthave for fashionistas.

Lately I’ve bought myself a pair of combat boots, which you’ll see tomorrow in an outfitpost :)) Unfortunately there was only one size left otherwise I’d really recommend these to you.
But no worries, I found some great options which you can direcly add to your wardrobe. Curious which one is your favorite…





Even&Odd combat boots
Dr. Martens
G-Star combat boots
Casadei boots
Kennel+Schmenger lace boots