The Investment Piece | The perfect bra




An essential garment in your wardrobe, wearable in various ways, a time-lapse item which is therefore called: ‘The investment piece’.


The perfect outfit starts by…wearing the right bra! Many women wear their bra too big or too small and you can see that…even underneeth your clothes ladies!


Today I give you my tips to purchase the right bra:

  • when trying on a bra the hook must fit in the least tight position
  • a womans cup size changes at least six times in her life. So it’s a good idea to measure your cup size regularly (at least 1 time a year)
  • fit your bra as follows: bend forward, put the bra on and go back again. When your breasts still fits in the bra you’ve got the right one
  • when the back side of your bra is higher than the front side, you probably wear a bra which is too large. The back side of the bra suppose to be at the same height as the front side
  • the piece of the bra that connect the cups together must lie flat on your sternum. When this is not the case, your bra is too big
  • when you see your breasts at the side or at the top of your bra, your bra is too small. When you wear a push-up bra please note that your breasts do not protrude on the side


And last but not least; every woman should actually have 4 bra’s in her closet. You exchange these bra’s during a week so they last much longer. After 12 to 18 months a bra has to be replaced. That’s why I’ve already selected some new ones for you.






Passionata // DKNY // Gossard // Lascana // Chantelle





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