The new hobby of Milan and mom



When you are a mom, everything will change. And by this I not only mean your daily rythm, your nights and the quality time for yourself and your partner…
Talking about the cycling phenomenon; this never was my greatest hobby, everything I did was by car or by foot. Since Milan was born, driving the car was not the same anymore. As fun it was to mom, as bad it was to Milan. He doesn’t like it at all.
By foot is ok, for just shorter distances. Cause Milan is feeling bored quite quickly in a stroller. Now he can walk a little bit but not that much that I can take him to a full marathon yet.

Anyway, you can infer that I’m pretty much bound to home or places close to home. But now…there’s a bike! And guess what? Milan loves cycling! He find out it’s not boring at all and he thinks it’s fine to cycle for more than one and half hour. 
And the additional benefit for mom is that she works on her condition as well with 11 kilos in front (on this nice child seat :)).

So, as the title suggests; Milan and I do have a new hobby. And together with this ultra hip bicycle “La Dolce Vita” from BSP you cannot make me more happy!
And the phenomenon of “mommy-bike” is not for nothing. Because this bike is specially made to be as comfortable and easy as possible for our hip mommy’s around there.
Isn’t that what we all are looking for?!






Milan thinks taking pictures is very interesting. You can see it on his face, so serious ;))







BSP “La Dolce Vita” bike
Bobike One child seat
(check here for outfit details)