Milan from baby to toddler



Now Milan runs we achieved a new milestone. However you may call your child a toddler from the age of 2, Milan had reached this new chapter already.
To walk was a great relief for him. He seems happier than ever. And how great is that for him?! Not only for Milan I have to say, cause this is a real relief for his mom and dad as well. The end of a nagging era.

And a new phase cannot go without new things; larger clothes, larger drinking cup, eat the same things as mom and dad, other toys and a another…carseat.
As you may have read in my other blogs, Milan was not a hugh fan of driving in a car. To change the situation a little bit we have tried everything (I mean e-ve-ry-thing); maxicosi on the backseat, on the frontseat, in a straight position, in a lying position, with toys and without, food, movies, songs, sitting next to him and as a last resort we’ve tried different I-pads.

When you’re reading this, you may say I have tried to hard. Well, when you imagine that Milan was crying and screeching after 15 minutes sitting in the car you may have done the same as we did. However, all without result because Milan keeps on crying.
In my search for the perfect carseat I found this Nuna Rebl (how appropriate this name is ;)). It’s a carseat which is suitable when your child is still a baby and can rotate 360 degrees. That sounds very fancy but it especially is very easy and practical.
This way I don’t have to wring myself in all kinds of positions to get Milan in and out the car. And by the iso-fix system you’re just a click away to put the carseat in the car. It has serval sitting and reclining positions and the seat grows when Milan grows. The headrest can be raised and lowered with a single movement. The comfort that this seat had is so nice and handy.
And Milan seems to like it as well! The short trips are not a big problem anymore. The seat is quite high so he is able to see more outside. The longer rides are going better than before. Maybe this is because he’s able to see more, he sits better or….well say it.

It is time for the next step to take; talk. This will make him give us clarity :))







 For more info about Nuna Rebl, check out the website here



Longsleeve – Hema
Sweatpants – Zara
Sneakers – Vans