How to style | Culottes



We probably all recognize this; you just bought or saw a new item but don’t know how and with what to wear…
By How to Style I show you every week a new item worn at different ways, to give you some more inspiration how to wear this item and see what works for you.

This week; culottes. A much discussed item which you love or hate. Now the culottes is indispensable in magazines and on the streets.
The culottes have endless options how to wear. This makes the culottes a great item to create a new look every day.
Today I show you 3 ways how to style this item with the rest of your wardrobe.






Let’s start with one of my favorites.
You get this boyish look by choosing a culottes in a stiff or tough fabric or to wear it with male looking, oversized items.
A leather biker jacket is always a good idea when you opt for this style. And don’t forget the sneakers. These are indispensable to create this kind of style. 







You probably know that heels are a great match with culottes. But did you also know that by styling the culottes this way, your legs will look much longer?
Important for this style is that you opt for feminine items like a blouse or a supple top, like silk for example.
For a party night you can opt for lace. And of course this look cannot go without high heels and a feminine clutch or small bag.







Casual with a feminine chic touch. This look is also very suitable to go to the office or business meetings.
Beautiful in all white (and so trendy!).
When you opt for white culottes I’d recommend to wear neutral colors in your outfit. This way you give yourself a bit more length and a nice chic finishing touch.
Low white sneakers are a musthave! Besides sneakers you’d opt for slip ons. Choose one in neutral colors or with a subtle sheen like bronze or silver.


I hope you get some inspiration out of this! Have fun styling!








Pictures from Pinterest