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We probably all recognize this; you just bought or saw a new item but don’t know how and with what to wear…
In How to Style I show you every week a new item worn at different ways, to give you some more inspiration how to wear this item and see what works for you.

This week the jumpsuit. This garment has become a real fashion statement and every year there is a new upgrade to it. In this ‘How to Style’ I show you 3 ways of how to wear the jumpsuit this season.
A jumpsuit is just the perfect item for chilly days and the perfect outfit for a party night. But you can wear it to the office as well!







We all know that black is always a good idea. A black jumpsuit is so versatile and wearable in many ways, that it makes him a real musthave for your wardrobe!
I prefer to wear it with sneakers or slip-ons. But for a bit more lady-like you opt for killer heels. Or wedges when you want to make it a bit more comfy.
This type of jumpsuit goes very well with all kinds of prints and accessories. Because you wear a suit you can add more accessoires and prints to it!







Do you know what’s so great about an all over printed jumpsuit? You see less imperfections than when you wear a jumpsuit in a solid color. Go for the perfect the fit (I recommend loose fit!) and lay emphasis on your waist so you still look feminine and you don’t loose the balance in your figure.
Picture 1 & 2 are favorite :))







Yesss denim is still hot! And you look instantly stylish and dressed up in a denim jumpsuit.
Opt for heels when you wear this one to give your outfit a bit of contrast. A nice bag will give your look an extra upgrade!






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