Military green with a touch of pink



At the time you read this my holiday is almost over. Tomorrow afternoon we’ll fly back home again. Normally I like to go home after my holiday but now I have to say that because of the weather conditions in Holland I’m not that enthusiastic.
I would rather stay here for one week longer.
It was such a great week with a lot of sunshine and a wonderful accomodation. When you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen some pics from the view here (without filter).

This pearl is in the middle of Tuscany; Residence Fonte alle Lepre. I can tell you how beautiful it is around here but you have to see it for yourself. I highly recommend this place when you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful place to spend your holidays. You will relax here for sure with the two or with your (little) kids.
When you’re looking for a place where you find entertainment and lots of things to do, you’ll probably find this place to quiet.
But on one thing we would certainly agree; this place is like a postcard. It’s a gift to wake up every morning and see this beautiful view.
And although the temperatures are high, this place is so green.

Today I’m wearing an outfit inspired by this nature. Green with a touch of color.
I found this dress at COS just before my holiday. I’d never been here before but I had seen a lot of bloggers with items or outfits from this shop.
I just checked out the shop and found myself some great new items; a t-shirt, pair of socks and this dress.
By his comfy fit it’s really a new favorite in my wardrobe. This because of the fact you can wear this dress during summer but also during the “in between” months like Spring and Autumn. Than I would wear it with thights, boots and a black bikerjacket for example.

Anyway, today I’m wearing the dress with wedges and the same bag like I wore in my last outfitpost. As you can see this bag is wearable with all types of outfits, fabrics and styles.

Of course I’m really curious what you think of this outfit…let me know!










Green dress – COS
Summer wedges – Sacha
Crossbody bag – Supertrash (via Stylelounge)