Our holiday in Tuscany


While I write this post It’s already one week after our holiday in Italy. By the quick sell of our house and my busy work schedule, I didn’t had the opportunity to check out my holiday pics.
Today I decide to depart a bit from my schedule to take you (and myself :)) back to Italy for a few minutes.

It was a gift to stay in this beautiful place in Tuscany for 8 days. Together with my family and my parents in law we stayed in Fonte alla Lepre in the middle of the surroundings of Tuscany. This is a small resort nearby Riparbella.
It’s a great place to relax and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Milan is almost 1,5 years old and for him it was the 3rd time in an airplane. Because he don’t like driving in a car, this seems to be the easiest and fastest way to get ourselves in Italy.
It took less than 2 hours before we arrived on the airport of Florence. But the journey from home to our holiday destination took us almost one day. From the train station to the airport, wait on the airport of Amsterdam, fly to Florence, pick up our car at the airport in Florence and drive to our apartment.

For Milan it was even a longer day. Because when you’re a kid you get so much impressions through the day. These can make you really tired.
Once we arrived on our holiday destination it was all good. Milan enjoyed life in “Bella Italia” to the fullest. Now he can walk everything is so much more fun to him. He is ready to explore the world.
And he prefer to do this in his swimshorts or his diaper all day. Mom had brought so many clothes but Milan didn’t care at all and walked in his diaper everywhere ;))

Before we went to Italy I shopped some great items on OTTO.nl. They always have a great collection of Noppies and I adore these clothes. Eventually everything went back in the suitcase to Holland (unworn). Now it’s time to wait till summer finally arrives in Holland as well so Milan is able to wear these cool items.

Concerning the holiday pics…this is my selection of the best pics from our stay in Italy. As you may see, the surroundings are so beautiful and as for me this place deserves a place on the list of “worlds best kept secrets”….