How to Style | Pleated Skirt


We probably all recognize this; you just bought or saw a new item but don’t know how and with what to wear…
In How to Style I show you a new item worn at different ways, to give you some more inspiration how to wear this item and see what works for you.

This week the pleated skirt. This garment is often associated with school uniforms. But anno 2016 you may wear this item when you’re not going to school as well.

In this ‘How to Style’ I show you 3 ways of how to wear the pleated skirt this season. Get inspired!






Starting with my favorite way of wearing the pleated skirt; the sporty way. A pleated skirt goes really well with (low rise) sneakers, a bikerjacket and a basic top. Perfect for those hot days when you’re looking for something over the knee.
Change the sneakers for heels at night and you’ve got yourself a great outfit for a date night!






Feminine but tough. This is a way of wearing that you’ve got to dare. Not everyone is able to wear the pleated skirt like this.
Wear it with a chunky oversized knit and feminine pumps. And you’ve got yourself a real fashionable outfit! This look is also great to combine with loafers.
This look too edgy for you? Opt for a bikerjacket and pumps. Always a good idea!






Do you have a wedding or a big party soon? Try the pleated skirt instead of a dress!
With a nice top, heels and feminine bag you’ve got yourself a stylish outfit which nobody else would wear this day!