How to Style | Velvet



We probably all recognize this; you just bought or saw a new item but don’t know how and with what you should wear it…
In How to Style I show you a new item or new trend worn in different ways, to give you some more inspiration how to wear it and see what works for you.

Velvet is the trend color of the new fashion season. Two months ago I’ve spotted some velvet items at Zara already and the coming weeks all stores will have their own velvet items.
This fabric maybe gives you a bit of an old-fashioned feeling, but worn on the right way it can be very cool instead.

To give you some feeling of how to style, here you find my inspiration <3 






Starting with the most daring way of wearing velvet; the velvet pants. A real eyecatcher and more than favorite in the fashion industry. But it this something for you? One thing is certain; you will stand out!

When you would like to wear a velvet pants it’s important to keep the rest of your outfit basic and simple. Opt for solid colors and fine basics.
Always a good idea: stripes, black, nudes and leather.






Always wanted to wear a velvet jacket? Now it’s your chance! Combined with baroc prints and red or dark colors you can’t go wrong.

Do: combine with leather, jeans and solid colors
Don’t: print on print and more velvet items






Are you in love with this fabric but don’t you dare to wear an velvet item or entire velvet outfit? Accessoires will give the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Bag, shoes or chokers are favorite and the great advantage is that you can wear it differently every day. So you can enjoy your velvet item to the max!

Do: opt for pastel colors and mix and match with leather, black and gray for a surprising look.
Don’t: keep it to one velvet item and use it as an eyecatcher.