Casual streetwear


You almost never see me on heels. This is not only because I love to wear comfy shoes, but I already have a certain length. And I think I’m giant when I wear heels.
And just to be clear: when I say heels I mean real heels. At least 10 centimeters to be precisely. Otherwise I rather not wear them.
When the heels are less than 10 centimeters my feet looks even bigger and overall it makes my look a bit fussy in my opinion. People around me know this fashion statement of me.
So when you opt for heels, go for 10 centimeter at least. Just try; make two pictures of yourself. One with a heel <10 cm and the other one with “my” kind of heel. You’ll immediately see the difference.

Although I don’t often walk on heels, I think it looks fabulous on other women. Once upon a time I dare myself to it and put them on.
Of course shoes with heels are favorite to a party but I can suddenly pick up the virus on a weekday. 

These booties are so beautiful, though I say it myself. They have the trend color of the season, have some nice details and have the right heel height. You understand; a match made in heaven.

Combined with ripped jeans and some basic staples they become the eyecatcher of a look. Rightly so, because they deserve to be!








Booties – Lola Cruz
Jeans – Zara
Jacket – Maison Scotch
Top – Warehouse
Necklace – Weekday
Clutch – ECCO leather (handmade!)