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Spotted by Chris. Every friday an overview of the newest trendy fashion items, beauty products, great hotspots, hotels, cities and many many more nice and need to know spotted by Chris.






I’m back from a great mini holiday to Mallorca and I love to share this place with you where I had the best breakfast ever every morning.
La Molienda is a small place in the city centre of Palma de Mallorca and is specialized in breakfast, healthy fruit- and vegetable juices and cappucino’s.
Are you on Mallorca or are you going there on a holiday? Than you have to check this out!
La Molienda, Carrer del Bisbe Campins 11, Palma de Mallorca






With the arrival of Friday, Holland has a brand new store concept. Friday has opened 12 stores in different cities in The Netherlands like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Haarlem.
This multi-brand concept focuses entirely on personal advice and styling.
You get a warm welcome in the first part of the store with a cup of coffee and tea. In the second part of the store, in a stylish black room, there is the so called Wall of Style. Here you find inspiring looks, based on different ‘moods’ like Run Slowly, Awfully Pretty, Definite Maybe and Found Missing.
Based on the ‘mood(s)’ you choose, the Style Advisor will make the perfect outfit for you.
The shops are equipped with multi functional mobile walls and therefore can be rented also for a personal styling event.






I found these cute baby milestone cards at Zeeman. Doesn’t they make every newborn mom happy?! Just paste them in the baby scrapbook or make pictures with them and your newborn together.





spotted-by-chris-clinique-pepDuring a busy day as business mom there are a lot of moments when you’d like to take a shower to fresh up. Unfortunately most of the time there is not time and no possibilities but these cleansing wipes will help you.
You can use them on your face but also on your arms, neck, chest and back. They give a moisterizing boost and fresh up the skin on every moment of the day.
Great after a work-out, before a happy hour or against a 4-hour dip.
Clinique pep-start cleansing wipes






Ochreous is, next to green, the trendcolor of this season. So wear this color this season and don’t forget your jacket and shoes of course!
Nike Huarache ochreous






On Friday the 14th of October the well-known foodtruck festival Rrrollend Rotterdam is back in town! So taste and enjoy during these three days full of food and drinks!
Check the participants here

And this were my Spotted items from this week! I hope you enjoy the weekend and see you back on Monday!