Spotted by Chris #65


Spotted by Chris. Every friday an overview of the newest trendy fashion items, beauty products, great hotspots, hotels, cities and many many more nice and need to know spotted by Chris.

This week I’ve spotted a super stylish online shop; Jacamo. Although you have to live in the UK (or go there for a holiday) I couldn’t resist to show you my favorites of the season.






Now it’s getting colder you and your boyfriend cannot live without warm and cosy clothing anymore. This sporty hoodie from Adidas is super warm and comfortable. It’s the trend item of this season and has the trendcolor as well ;))
Besides hoodies you can also find fine knits and great cardigans (here you find them all)






Vans is one of my favorite brands when it comes to casual men shoes. My boyfriend has a few himself and I would love to add these ones to his Vans collection!






Stripes will never go out of style! A striped t-shirt or longsleeve looks good on almost every man. The greatest thing of this longsleeve is that it’s made for tall guys. So that means even more stripes guys ;))






The camo print is here to stay. Go for an item with this print and it will give his outfit instantly a tough and masculine touch. This backpack is just perfect to borrow from your husband for one day (or two maybe ;))






A few good quality t-shirts are enough to mix and match his entire wardrobe and to look good every day. French Connection does always have that kind of t-shirts in their collections. Like this navy blue one.






The most stylish boots ever are from Clarks. I’m a bit in love with the desert boot because it’s so versatile as you wear it in casual outfits and in business outfits as well.
The color of this boot fit perfect to this season. Wear them with jeans and sweaters on a day off and go for chino and a white shirt on a business day.

These were my spotted items from this week! And have you become as much excited about the items as I am? Check the online shop of Jacamo and get yourself to the UK asap for a few days of shopping with your boyfriend.

Hope you have a great weekend and see you back on Monday!