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Like two years ago we saw the bikerboot in just a few stores. And as we speak all shops are full with this kind of shoes. As you know, I’ve been fan of this trend from the very first day they were in the streets. And now I’ve noticed that those who had to get used to this trend are wearing them as well. 

During my shopping day in Paris for my new company (later this week more about this), I was talking about this to a friend. How fun and interesting it is; the development of a trend.  For example, a trend occurs somewhere; on the catwalk, on the streets or at a celebrity. Then this trend is picked up by so called “trendwatchers”. 
These trendwatchers pass this trend into the fashion industry and the fashion companies will get to work.
Soon after you’ll find a limited numbers of this trend in selected stores (I remember when I was searching for my very first lace boots, it took me a while…..)
One year later you see the trend in more and more shops and on the internet. And one year later the trend is ready for general public.

So now you see it takes a while before people get used to a specific trend/item.
I’m not a trendsetter myself but I know that I often wear things which the most people are not wearing yet (sorry I’m a fashion-girl ;)). That’s why those people give me comments when I wear a new trend. Not surprising when you know that it will take at least two years before they are used to it and maybe will like it.

There was a time when we had the same thing with bikerboots. We saw only a few people wearing them and most of the people said they were ‘too coarse‘ and ‘not for me‘.
Meanwhile we continued for several years of wearing the bikerboot and it has become a real basic under the shoes. And we will continue to wear them for the next years.
So I wear them over and over again and will continue to show you the newest trends under the bikerboots. Like this one, with studded details and higher sole. I wear them together with my new coat in the trendcolor of the season. What do you think of my outfit?

PS: if you cannot wait for the news I have about the latest shopping session in Paris, keep a close eye on my Instagram account The Cherry Picker.








Long coat – The Cherry Picker
Jeans – Only
Bikerboots – Nubikk (via
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff






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  • Hi!
    De jas is erg hard gegaan 🙂 Aankomende week ga ik naar Parijs om inkopen te doen. Ik ga dan weer op zoek naar de jassen. De webshop wordt komende week helemaal ge-update met nieuwe items!
    Liefs Chris

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