How to Style | Leopard coat



We probably all recognize this; you just bought or saw a new item but don’t know how and with what you should wear it…
In How to Style I show you a new item or new trend worn in different ways, to give you some more inspiration how to wear it and see what works for you.

This time; the leopard coat. In the meantime this print is just as basic as the breton stripe. Every woman should have at least one item with this print in her wardrobe. From small, like an accessory, like big as a coat…..



Starting with the most easy and most wearable way; casual.
A few years ago this coat was very risky but now the leopard coat is totally integrated and accepted. And this coat is great in combination with almost everything.
It’s a great combo with jeans and denim and with black leather (or dark green) pants. Looks beautiful with light or dark grey colored items.
Style rule: keep it simple. Think easy and don’t try to match more than 2 colors with this print. In this way you have the eyecatcher and the people around you see YOU (and not only your outfit).




If you have guts than you may combine the leopard coat with striking colors like red or contrasting prints like stripes and checks. This may be very surprising!
But remember; don’t wear too much different colors and prints.
Style rule: just add one extra color (red) or print (checks).




Of course you can wear this coat to work! Opt for an (almost) all black outfit and wear it with a dress, skirt or leather pants.
Heels or loafers are a must! Choose a stylish bag for the finishing touch.
Style rule: watch out with too much make up or too many accessories, if you would like to keep it business.

Enjoy this trend! I’m a huge fan!