Spotted by Chris #70



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My search for great and unique invitation cards for Milan’s birthday continues. And so I found out
Here you can make the best cards and order them online. You can make a card yourself or ask some help from the designers of Hipdesign when you cannot choose.
You also have the option to add a unique illustration or make a card with a special application like velours or 3D!

And there’s a lot of choice for invitation cards as well. You can order them from the shop or make them yourself. Just the way you like it!

Are you curious about the designs? Just check out the website:







How great is this present for your guys? Wearing the same cap as daddy, isn’t that cool? And cute to see for mommy :))
You’ll find many more of these great gifts on:







And don’t forget yourself during the holidays! With this dress you’ll look stylish on every event <3
Lace dress EUR 49,95







Of course you finish your outfit with this tough jacket, completely in style!
Bikerjacket with faux fur, TOPSHOP







This month it’s all about gifts! And how nice would it be when you don’t have to go outside for shopping Christmas presents anymore? That’s possible! Because you can order a giftcard online at Zalando. And in this online shop everyone will succeed finding a great item, outfit or accessory.
Zalando giftcards






And of course we cannot forget the newborns. This giftbox is so cute and has a really soft pricetag. You can shop this three piece set at Zeeman and they are available in three colors; off white, grey and white. They consists of a baby bodysuit, hat and baby pants. Unisex and too cute not to buy!
Giftbox Zeeman EUR 7,99

And this were my Spotted items from this week. I hope you’ve got yourself some inspiration! Enjoy the weekend and see you back on Monday!