How I store my favorite garments


Isn’t a walk-in closet not every (fashion) girls dream? Once this walk-in closet will be in our house, when there is enough space for us as a family and when we have one room “left”. This room would be just perfect for this well-known closet.
However this dream have to wait for a little longer as our new home counts “only” three bedrooms. One for Milan, one for us and in theory the last one might be a great walk-in closet… But how much I love clothing and shoes, this room will be reserved as a visitor’s room when friends or family would like to stay with us.

As you might know I am working on the new interior for our new house. And now I’m aware of the fact that a walk-in closet is not an option in this home, I searched for some alternatives that comes close to this closet. 

And this is how I found this great clothes rail from Ziito Design. Through its industrial look it fits perfectly by the new look and feel of our new interior. Now I can show my most favorite garments, shoes and accessories and is a walk-in closet not required.
When I looked in the online shop of Ziito I thought this clothes rail was incredibly cool; it’s tough, sturdy and timeless. Once I’d unpacked the package at home I was even more enthusiastic. 
Because don’t you think it’s such an eyecatcher? It’s so beautiful that I would like to keep it in my livingroom. And the second best thing of this clothes rail is that it is really solid. You may put and hang a lot of clothes on it and it won’t bend.
Ok I won’t get crazy and would like to keep Sander as my lover ánd friend, so I’ll place it in our bedroom when our new home is ready. Put a plant out, metal hangers on it and of course all the treasures from my closet!



Wood Double Shelf Clothes Rail – Ziito Design