The best Christmas gifts


It’s almost Christmas and if you’ve to go last-minute Christmas shopping it’s great to have some inspiration! I’ve selected already 10 of my favorite Christmas presents under 100 euro.
Happy holidays and happy shopping!





You never have to search anymore for your keys in your bag when you have a key ring. And isn’t it great when this key ring looks stylish and fashionable at the same time?
Karen Millen pompom key ring € 35






Forget water, drink wine! Preferably from a beautiful bottle which you may put down in your living room as an eyecatcher.
Chateau Roubine rose 75cl € 15,95





Swoon on the bench with the most romantic Christmas movies? Of course you cannot do this without the best chocolate bar. White chocolate with crackling sugar and raspberry flavour. Mmmmmmm…..
Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate € 3,49






Looking for a nice present for your husband or boyfriend? This nice wallet is always a good idea and in sale!
G-Star wallet black € 29,95





On sale as well…these sneakers from Puma. And when your boyfriend does not wear them, you just lend them from him for a little while. Great when you both have the same size :))
Puma Blaze of Glory sneakers € 65,95






Dutch book about clothes, who tell a thousand stories.
Dit boek gaat niet over Mode € 34,99





Like every year Rituals has a Limited Edition. The Ritual of Light is a combination of sweet orange with the fine odor of cinnamon.
Rituals shower gel € 8,50
Rituals body scrub € 19,50





A cap is always a nice gift. This unisex cap you can lend out to eachother <3
Cap NIKE € 24,95





How great and stylish are these coasters from cork?!
&Klevering coasters 6 pieces € 9,95






Beautytip: never use mascara before curling your eyelashes. I still use an old-fashioned curler.
This eyelash curler from Laura Mercier seems to give your lashes a incredible curl which is longlasting as well.
Must try!
Laura Mercier eyelash curler € 16,00

Happy holidays!!