Shopping Tip


It’s almost time for a brand new year. A new year with probably new good intentions. And besides the “standard” good intentions like more exercise, healthy food and smoking cessation, a good intention can also be; doing less bad buys.
Because bad buys, this is something no one likes. And when you’ve a guy who buys his own clothes this could lead to a lot of strange glances and silences as well when he has put himself in an outfit which is not that stylish at all.

But ladies there is hope. I’ve spotted this online men shop; Adam Brandstore. Maybe you know Adam already from their stores (they have 46 stores in The Netherlands). If you don’t, then you have to check out their online shop.
Besides nice brands like Hugo Boss, Arma and Tommy Hilfiger there is only a small change that your guy is going to do a bad buy here. This is because of the fact that all clothing is displayed on models.
I miss this often in online shops with the result that you’ve ordered something and the fit is totally different at home than you’ve expected.

And we do also know that most men don’t like to go shopping in many different stores. They prefer to buy their clothes in just one shop. This is no problem when he is shopping at Adam. Whether you’re looking for a new shirt (you definitely will find it here) or a completely new outfit.

Check it out!