Happy new year!


Happy new year! This is the first Monday of a fresh new year. The beginning of this year feels like the very first page in a new book.

This is the year of the good intentions (more than ever) like healthier life and more exercising. Also this year will be the year that I’ll try to make Styled by Chris even nicer and bigger than it is right now. This will be the year of a new home for the three of us as well. And the year that Milan becomes two years old and I become one step closer to the big 35.

I’ve looked forward to it and now the very first Monday of 2017 has started I cannot wait to make my dreams come true. Dreams that will make life just a little bit better.

What life also makes more fun is…a new pair of sneakers :)) Like these ones from Nike sponsored by Santa Claus. Because, what would you do without a new pair of sneakers?!

Enjoy your first Monday of a new year, and don’t forget to chase your dreams!





Jeans – Kocca Italy
Knit – COS
Jacket – Harper+Yve
Sneakers – Nike Air Force 1 High Se