Two looks with one pair of boots


I love clothing but I love styling more than clothing itself. Because how you wear and combine your clothes is the way to show the world who you are and what kind of personality you have (without having to speak). Clothing also gives you a kind of feeling in a good or bad way.
By wearing a cool outfit I can feel completely good on a rainy day. But when I am wearing an outfit that I don’t really like, I feel this all day long (and not in a good way haha). 

As you know my outfits normally starts by picking the shoes. And shoes are really worth to invest. Often you enjoy them longer than clothes because shoes always fit, either you loose or gain weight ;))
And with shoes I have the same thing like I have with clothes: I wear what I like to wear that day. Every day can be different. One day you see me wearing tough lace boots and the other day you see me with comfy sneakers.
Often I wear shoes more than one day in a row. Because the nicest thing about shoes is that you may create a different look every day with just one pair of shoes!

Today I show you two looks with just one pair of boots. And not just boots actually, these are favorites.



The first look is all about great basics. I’ve chosen black items because now the focus is more on the boots. The leather leggings make them tougher and give some rock ‘n roll flavour to the outfit.
I wore this sleeveless cardigan last year but after that it hung in my closet for months. Together with this turtleneck I thought it would be a nice combo.



The second look is a bit more casual by the jeans and camo shirt. I think the boots are going well with this outfit too. Because of the different items and colors I’m wearing they are a bit less striking then at the first look. But this outfit makes me happy too. I think it’s cool how tough and feminine comes together in one outfit and how casual and stylish this outfit is at the same time.

Which look is your favorite?








Boots – Toral (via
Leatherlook legging – H&M
Turtleneck – The Cherry Picker
Sleeveless waistcoat – Selected Femme
Bag – Calvin Klein


Boots – Toral (via

Jeans – G-Star
Camo blouse – Topshop
Cardigan – Sfera
Bag – Zadig & Voltaire