Back on the radar


Hi! I’m finally back after a week of complete silence on the blog. I had the flu and couldn’t do anything else than stay in bed and wait till I felt better.
I’d deleted all (work) events from the agenda and show some rest to the outfit pics and the blogposts. And for the outfit pics this maybe was even better because you don’t look very fit and pretty when you have the flu to be honest.

But last night I couldn’t look to the emptyness of the blog anymore so I decide to write this post. With new outfit pics from last Friday made in Amsterdam. And with new bomber jacket from Alpha Industries which I purchased for 50% off in sale.

This weekend I finally got myself together and went to Amsterdam on Friday for some quality time with Sander while Milan was staying with his grandmom and dad for two nights. We did some shopping in Amsterdam and went to friends to have a lovely dinner.
Saturday I went back to our capital for a new fashion party. If you’re curious what fashion party’s are all about, just check out for more info

I hope I left the flu behind me for now and I will post some more blogs this week. I’m back on the radar!

Happy Monday!






Bomberjacket – Alpha Industries
Jeans – Gsus
Sneakers – Vans
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff