Style Tips | Apple figure


The coming weeks I will tell you everything about body figures. Because when you wear the clothing that fits you body figure you pay attention to the parts of your body where you are proud of and show your figure to its best advantage.
Hereby it’s not important to blur those parts on which you are not so proud of, but lay emphasis on the best parts of your body.

With the aim to feel more confident and shine more!

Every week I tell you all about the characteristics of a figure type and give you tips about the do’s and don’ts.



Is the volume in the middle of your body and do you have no waist? Than you probably have an apple figure.



Features apple figure:

  • your shoulders are a bit more narrow than your hips
  • small or no waist
  • round shoulders
  • full breasts
  • slender legs
  • round back



Opt for layers and try to wear different layers in every outfit. Choose one colored outfits. Shoulder pads are perfect when you have this body figure. Wear your tops and blouses always in your skirts or pants.


Emphasize your shoulders and legs to create (optical) waist.



Do not wear flared pants, this will make you look wider. Do not choose fitted clothes or heavy fabrics. And opt for cleavage, don’t wear high neck lines.