Friday’s Favorites | Most favorite trends for spring


Friday’s Favorites; every Friday an overview of my most favorite on- and offline shops, greatest hotspots, best travel destinations and the newest trends!

This Friday: my most favorite trends for Spring 2017






Trend: jeans with unfinished hem
Favorite because: this will make any outfit cool and it looks great on tanned legs
Best place to purchase: H&M






Trend: turtleneck under slipdress
Favorite because: you give the slipdress a great make-over and show some rock ‘n roll
Best place to purchase: turtleneck: The Cherry Picker / slipdress: H&M






Trend: embroidered bomber jacket
Favorite because: just a bit different than a biker jacket and the perfect jacket for Spring because of the light fabric. It also gives any basic outfit the finishing touch
Best place to purchase: Men at Work and Zara






Trend: jogger pants with stripes
Favorite because: it gives you a sporty look and is such a comfortable item
Best place to purchase: Zara






Trend: it’s all about socks!
Favorite because: I think this is the best trend of coming Spring. With this you create your own look and you can mix and match socks with any outfit. I’m a huge fan of net socks
Best place to purchase: Weekday and H&M






Trend: pleated skirt
Favorite because: last year this trend started and now it is a real keeper. Whether you have a classic or sporty style, this skirt fits any style. It looks very feminine and sporty at the same time and is a super comfy item to wear during warmer days.
Best place to purchase: Zara


Are you ready for Spring yet?