Cherry Picking


When I am looking and matching a new outfit I always do this by “cherry picking”. Because nowadays there is so much clothing around us and there a new collections every week, you’ll be overwhelmed and don’t see the wood for the trees anymore.

There are a few important things when you want to do cherry picking:

  • choose items that fits your personality and style
  • choose items which are comfortable
  • by trends opt for affordable items

Besides that I think it’s also important to have enough good basics in your wardrobe. Because with these basics I am able to make a new outfit every single day without taking too much of my time.

Today I’m wearing an outfit which is fully based on the “Cherry picking principle”. A good looking (and affordable!) biker jacket and skinny jeans. These items are a real gain for your wardrobe because you combine them over and over again and they go never out of style.
A great knit made of soft fabrics is really nice during the cold winter days and during coming spring as well.
And of course a nice pair of good looking and comfortable biker boots and a few matching accessories will do the rest.





Biker jacket – The Cherry Picker
Skinny jeans – The Cherry Picker
Grey knit – The Cherry Picker
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff
Bikerboots – Poelman via