Black and blue kind of day


I was thinking out of the box when I chose to wear this blue jacket with this all black outfit. The nicest thing about thinking out of the box is that it succeeds most of the time. At least, that’s what I thought when I put this outfit together :))

But this has not only to do with the combination of today’s look. It’s also about the pieces I wear today…………

  • black turtleneck; indispensable during the cold winter days. Warm, stylish and timeless.
  • the suede jacket; always a good idea, wearable with any outfit and even better in another color than black.
  • the leatherlook skirt; comfortable check, stylish check, easy to combine check. Recently I’m the proud owner and wearer of this great skirt. It’s not only super fashionable but it’s that kind of item that you can wear to many occasions. Today with sneakers and leather jacket, tomorrow with silk blouse and ankle boots when you have a business meeting. And when spring arrives, it’s even wearable with summer top and sandals as well.
  • Vans; well these will never go out of style. Honestly right now it’s a bit too cold to wear them but who cares when they are so comfortable and easy going with any outfit?

What do you think of my look of today?






Suede jacket – Mango
Turtleneck – Zara
Leatherlook skirt – Didi
Sneakers – Vans
Bag – Elvy



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