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These photos were taken on a dark and rainy day. When I compose an outfit the weather is an important component to choose the items of the look.
On a cloudy and rainy day I often opt for black and dark grey clothing. I wouldn’t wear a flowered dress or tunic on this kind of days.

As the weather often changes here in Holland, this is why I don’t have a summer and winter wardrobe. I just have one wardrobe with all garments together.
The little black dress I would wear in winter is the same dress I would wear on a summer night on a holiday when it’s cooled down.
I would wear a dark grey jeans, like in this outfit, as well on a cloudy and cold day as on a shiny summer day.
Today in combination with black items like this utility jacket and buckled boots. In summer with light sleeveless top and sandals or white tennis sneakers.

Of course you always have those garments which you can only wear during winter- or summertime; like a woolen knit in winter and linen dress in summer.
I can give you the following tip; just keep it with one wardrobe and put all summer and winter items together in this wardrobe. Only place those real winter- and summer items separately in another closet.
This will ensure many unexpected outfits and you may wear that favorite item much more!

Good luck!





Buckled boots – NIKKIE
Jeans – The Cherry Picker
Utility jacket – The Cherry Picker
Knit – The Cherry Picker
Bag – Zadig & Voltaire





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