It’s all about trends


While writing this post I have to think about what Sander would say about this outfit. I think this one would not be one of his favorites. This because of the wide trousers with all over flower print.
But hey girls; in fashion it’s about what you like and love to wear and not about what others think about it. So when you feel happy about an item, I would say; just wear it ;))

Right, wide trousers with flowered print…this is a little bit of flower power I have to say. But what else when the 80’s are a huge trend this season? This choker is also from many years ago and I still love it.
I wear those 80’s items with some new and fresh items. Like those white sneakers, small crossbody and denim jack. Ehmm…I think that denim jacket is from the 80’s as well. But today it’s a new (destroyed) and stronger version. 

This outfit is waiting for the sun which wasn’t here when I shoot these pictures. It’s like that: you schedule a photo shoot on a perfect sunny day. The sun is here all morning and afternoon. But when you have to take the pics…the sun is gone and it’s only clouds and even a little bit of rain.

But I think this pants will make it all up. Like it or hate it, I think it’s a great piece in my spring and summer wardrobe. Today with white sneakers and denim jacket and in summer with tough sandals and tanktop.

Enjoy spring!





Flowered pants – H&M
Linen top – H&M
Denim jacket – The Cherry Picker
Sneakers – Adidas Stan Smith
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff












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