What style do you prefer?


Do you opt for tough-feminine or feminine-tough when it comes to style? Both styles are very different when it comes to your own style. Do you opt for tough first and for feminine second than your style is like tough-feminine and so is the other way around.
My style is kind of the first one. I do like feminine items like a blouse, skirt and heels. But when I combine an outfit I always mix these items with items with a tough touch.
Sneakers, male fits and a tough bag. This is how I make an outfit more like me.

And that is the most important thing when it comes to style; wearing an outfit which suits you the best and that shows people what you want to show.

Today I’m wearing a nice mix between tough and feminine. Feminine in terms of fabrics, prints and fits. And tough because of the sneakers, accessories and hairdo. This outfit would look completely different with a low bun or braid. 

I think that it is a great challenge to turn the most feminine items in an edgy and tough look. Today it’s all about this blouse and skirt. Of course they will look great with feminine ankle boots and a chic jacket. But I love the way they look with sneakers and other accessories.

Because that’s my style!





Jack – The Cherry Picker
Rok – Black Swan Fashion
Blouse – Moss Copenhagen
Sneakers – Vans
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff

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