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Maybe it’s almost a year ago, but today I’m wearing them again…heels. It was quite a struggle but I figured I can still walk on them. I think that is the same thing with cycling; you’ll never unlearn.
How uncomfortable it was during this shoot, how flexible and comfortable it seems on the pictures. Sander would say; “it’s almost real” (sarcastic ment ;)).

However I’m not a huge fan of heels (at the same time my height is 1m80) but I find out that this outfit asked for a pair of nice pumps.
And now red is the color of the season, I thought let’s give it a try.

Do you think this outfit has succeed? When I’m looking at the pics I have to say yes. And at the same time I have to say that of course it will take me a while before I can walk on these beauties for an entire day. But the block heel ensures some comfort.

There are lots of people who match everything. You know what I mean… Those houses with 2 of the same accessories; two candles in the same color, two of the same photo frames, two pillows on the couch, and to of the same plants next to eaco other. These people have these matching-thing with outfits as well. When they wear red shoes they have to wear a red jacket or red bag as well.
As you can see I’m not part of this “group”.
I just like it when the items doesn’t match in color but are a great match at the same time. 

Like how these red pumps match with black and white and with this natural biker jacket. The great thing about styling this way is that you create different outfits over and over again that will surprise you.

I would say; let’s keep yourself inspired with your own outfits!

Happy Monday!





Pumps – Unisa (via
Leggings – Summum
Linen shirt – H&M
Jacket – The Cherry Picker
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff





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