A week out of my life #1

New on Styled by Chris! A week out of my life; my diary with all highlights from last week. What did I do and where did I go?
This first time without the weekend, but that means that from next week you’ll see and read a complete week!






Today early wake up because of a new shooting day at Van den Assem. Together with this great company I make style videos for their online platform. This sunny and warm day will ensure it will be a good one!
Milan was staying with a friend of mine. She was so sweet to take care of him for a day. Thanks again!






This Tuesday starts with singing a birthday song for Sander, because it’s his birthday!
After breakfast I take Milan to my mom who’s taking care of him once a week. Together with his niece and nephew it was like one big party for him.
Especially with this weather…and ice cream :))






Wednesday starts with a work out in the gym. After this workout I work together with this Cherry Picker on our company. By the persistent summer weather I’m not as motivated as I’m used to be.
We decide to go out for lunch and enjoy the sun on the terrace of Loetje in Rotterdam. Work hard, play harder!






Today it’s Ascension Day. That means all people (I mean almost all of them) have a day off. So the theme parks are full of screaming kids. We decide to go to a similar park in Rotterdam; the Plaswijckpark. Milan was as happy as a kid.







Friday begins with another work out in the gym. After that it’s time for work. Working behind my laptop writing posts, making outfit pics, edit them and get my email under control.
Then it’s time for Cherry on Tour! We have a fashion event in Woerden tonight. I hope after that I may enjoy my couch for just a few minutes….

Tomorrow we’ll go to my mom and dad who are staying at their chalet in Brabant (Holland). Tomorrow will be the first summer day with temperatures to 30 degrees!

This Sunday I organise a great fashion event in the city centre of Rotterdam. When you are in Rotterdam, just visit! Entrance is free and there a lots of drinks and bites, tunes and of course shopping and more!

Enjoy your weekend and hope to see you back on Monday!







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