A day off with Milan


Because of my job, I don’t have that much quality time together with my family. But I enjoy those days we can spend together even more. What I do on such days?
Hereby I look in my life as a mom….

06.30-07.00 – Time to wake up! Milan is usually waking up during this time and that means as a mom you’re up and running as well
07.00 – When we have a day off we have breakfast together the “big table”. As Milan always says. He likes to eat a slice of bread with chocolate sprinkles. To start this day with fun, I agree and make myself some yoghurt with oatmeal and honey.
07.30-08.30 – Take a shower, getting dressed, do my make-up, style my hair and get all the stuff we need for today. I usually don’t get that last thing within one hour. As quick I was before Milan, so slow I seem to be now
09.00 – Like I said…we’re way out of time but we’re ready! Plaswijckpark in Rotterdam here we come!



09.30-13.30 – Climbing, playing, swimming and watching animals. Milan enjoys to the fullest and so are we :))



13.30 – Time to go home. Milan needs his afternoon nap more than anything and he doesn’t sleep in the car or pram. So we put him in bed when we got home
14.00-16.00 – Milan sleeps like a rose after all playing. During his sleep I put on my laptop for a while. Write a blogpost and answer some emails
16.30-18.30 – Dress up Milan, shopping groceries, cook, eat and do the dishes
18.45 – Time to take a bath. I’m also in the bathroom and we have complete conversations together
19.00-19.30 – Time to go to bed
20.00 – Pajamas on, read a book, sing a song. Time to sleep…
20.00-23.00 – When I don’t have appointments in the evening I use to put on my laptop and at the same time watch some tv
23.00 – Time to go to bed for us as well. Tired but satisfied after such a nice day!





Jeans & shirt – H&M
Shoes – Naturino
Sunglasses – Hema





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