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We probably all recognize this; you just bought or saw a new item but don’t know how and with what you should wear it…
In How to Style I show you a new item or new trend worn in different ways, to give you some more inspiration how to wear it and see what works for you.

I’m fan of these pants for quite a long time. But I know there are a lot of women who find it difficult to style this item.
Trousers with prints are often seen as “over the top” or “looks good on you but doesn’t fit me”. Do you recognize this? Than you have to read further because this blog is all about styling the printed pants. The way it looks good on you!








The leopard pants has now been accepted and almost loved by everyone. We all have an accessory in our closet which has this print right? But a pants? That’s maybe a bit too much. Or maybe not…

Because this pants is so stylish, And when you opt to combine it with just a few basics it looks great on every woman. Provide that it’s well styled of course, so therefore some tips:

  • always wear this pants with uni colors like black, white and (light)grey.
  • think of feminine-tough. The pants is tough so opt for feminine items like a blouse, linen shirt or silk top.
  • always wear clean and well-groomed shoes, otherwise you get a shabby look.
  • keep it to one leopard printed item. When you wear more leopard items your look will look a lot cheaper.
  • on Esprit I found the most beautiful leopard pants of this season….








Flowers are hotter than ever and this print is more feminine than any other. Flowers will give you the absolute summer feeling and flowers make us happy.

I say let’s get more flowers on the street, but how to wear?

  • it’s the same thing like the leopard print; less is more. Let’s make your pants the eyecatcher of your outfit and wear it with uni colors to complete your look.
  • sneakers are a great option in combination with loose fit trousers. Opt for white ones.
  • this print is absolutely summer and ask for summer fabrics to combine it with. So linen, cotton and silk. Don’t wear thick leather accessories. Rather opt for suede.
  • my favorite combo? This pants in combination with a biker jacket and wedges. Where’s the party?








This pants will make you look taller and slimmer in just a second. The striped pants is perfect for every body figure. This pants is a real keeper and will come back in fashion over and over again.

How do you wear the striped pants?

  • are you petite? Opt for a long model. The longer the better. This will make you look longer. Wear your shirt or top in the pants and your legs will look even longer.
  • tall? Opt for 7/8 model. Great in combination with white sneakers but also nice with wedges and even with ankle boots. 
  • how to wear? It’s quite simple; white shirt, beach hair and a just a little make-up.
  • also nice: print on print. There is no pants as versatile as this one. Wear it with flowers, stripes or even leopard and you make your look just a bit more outstanding and fashionable.
  • short is key; a short top that stops on your hips or one you wear in your pants. Don’t wear these pants with long shirts, tops or tunics. This makes your look shabby.









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