Lace, stripes and sneakers


Black vs. white and lace vs. sneakers. This look is all about contrasts.
The dress you should actually wear with sandals, is now down dressed with sneakers. The best thing about fashion is that it’s all possible. Anno 2017 nothing is too crazy and you can totally enjoy yourself. Nothing should be worn this way or that way, but everything is possible. Don’t you think it’s great when you can wear whatever you like and just be yourself?

Because I just wear something different than most of the people I get a lot of comments about my outfits. A lot of nice comments of course  but often less pleasant comments as well. As a kid I find it difficult sometimes because at that age you hope that other kids like you and think you’re nice. Now I find it just fun to wear different outfits than the rest.

Hence today’s outfit of which most of the people would say that I “have ” to wear the dress with sandals. Well ladies, noting is less true. I think that a pair of white sneakers are even better in combination with this feminine dress.

My motto is therefore: dare to be different and create your own “me”. There are so many of the same people already who try to be good and nice for the outside world. Just be sweet and nice to yourself and the people around you who are really precious to you. You’ll find out that your life can be so much more fun!





Dress – The Cherry Picker
Sneakers – Via Vai








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