The comeback of the denim skirt

It took a while to get used to this trend, but the denim skirt is back! Was this one of your favorite items during the 90’s? Through the years this skirt has changed a bit. Now you see it more raw-edge. And I like this way!

So today I’m wearing the denim skirt together with a blouse with wide sleeves and tough lace boots. I really like the contrasts of this look. The skirt is kind of girly, the blouse more feminine and the boots are boyish. 

Lately it was a little quiet around my blog and social media. This had everything to do with moving from my temporary home to another temporary home. Our new home will be ready around october/november this year. And until that time we will live with our family and friends (thanks for your help!)
Besides the moving I was very busy with packing and searching out everything. Of course I took a lot of shoes and clothing with me and this is now standing in our bedroom in big boxes. So you may understand it is not always easy to find and complete a nice outfit together.
Now I often wear an outfit two days instead of one, just for the convenience ;)) But I will try to show you as much outfits as possible and show you what I’m wearing :))

I’m curious what you think of my outfit of today!






Denim skirt – H&M
Blouse – H&M
Boots – Shabbies Amsterdam
Bag – Zadig & Voltaire
Belt – Mango










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