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Although we’re in the middle of summer, I will take you to Autumn for just a while (only for this blog, promised ;)).
Because except bad weather during fall, this is one of the most popular seasons of the year when it comes to fashion.

During fall it’s all about wearing layers. This is because layers provide warmth when you are outside, and when it still warm inside you can easily change your outfit in something cooler just to take off a layer.
With layers I don’t only mean top, sweater and jacket. In this How to Style I show you how you can wear that (summer) dresses over a….jeans!

Wearing a dress over jeans is the fashion trend of coming season! There are not that many rules when it comes to this trend. Because if you opt for a short dress, midi or long one, it’s all possible to wear over a jeans. Provided that you choose the right jeans.
Skinny is always a good idea when it comes to this trend and when you opt for flared (that’s extra trendy) make sure that your dress is not longer than knee hight or choose a more tight model.

Ready for some inspiration? Here you find my favorites :))




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