This trend is hot this season!

Golden boots

Golden trend boots

Gold is hot this fall! And whether you have a trendy or classy style, gold is always great to wear. When you have a trendy style you opt for a golden bikerjacket or golden trousers for example. When your style is more classic you opt for gold in an accessory, like a bag or shoes.

Fifty shades of gold

There is not only one color of gold. You have many options, so there is always a gold that looks good on you. I’m a real summer-type. You can see this on the color of my skin, the color of my hair and my eyes. Winter- and summer types are cool types. Therefore I only wear silver jewellery. Because I know this looks best on me.
However I think gold is great and I love those golden items from this season. So I do wear gold but not too close to my face. Because this makes me look more tired and bleach (and of course I don’t want that ;)). So I choose gold as an accessory, like a bag or boots (like today).

When you look for gold, you find it in different shades. Yellow cold is actually only wearable when you are a warm type. When you wear this color of gold it will look great on your skin, your hair and makes your eyes look brighter.
Champagne gold, like these booties, is easier to wear when you are a cool type. I do not recommend you to opt for golden tops or dresses but in an accessory it’s ok.

How to wear

These golden trend boots go hand in hand with basic outfits in neutral colors. I especially think it looks great in combination with black, white and gray. If you wear an outfit in those colors, your shoes will have all attention. 

Outfit of today

Today I wear a top full of lace. This top is quite feminine and has a little romantic touch. When you combine this top with tough items, like a destroyed jeans and a tough belt, your outfit does not get too classy but also get a little bit of a rock touch.
And I think these boots are so cool with this basic outfit. Like I said before; all attention goes to those boots.

Tip: When you are ready with your outfit, just check your hairdo. When I had a ponytail or knot, this look would have looked totally different.

So what about you? Do you like this trend? And what do you think of this look? Let me know!

Love, Chris


lace top

nubikk boots

outfit of today

destroyed jeans



Golden boots – Nubikk
Destroyed jeans & lace top – H&M
Belt – Mango
Bag – The Cherry Picker





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