This neckline fits best to your body figure

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Which neckline fits your body figure best?

It can make your face look less long, makes your shoulders optically wider or narrower and your breasts look smaller or bigger. I’m talking about the neckline. If you know which neckline best fits your figure, you can emphasis your best parts and camouflage the parts of your body you like less.

When you wear a neckline that fits your figure, it has a big impact on your complete look. In addition to the above mentioned points, it can also change your face optically. If you have a long face, your face will look less long with a shallow neckline. And if you have a round face and you opt for a vertical shapes, your face will look smaller.
If you have an oval face, basically all are suitable for you when we look at the shape of your face.

This is the most ideal neckline for your body figure

V neck

The v-neck does most for women with an average bust. If you have large or very small breasts, you can better avoid this one.

Round neck

Especially good when you have small breasts.


Almost good for every body figure. Especially for women with an O-figure (apple) this is a beautiful neckline.


Well suited when you have an A-figure (pear). Do not wear this if you have thick arms, a tie or broad shoulders.


Perfect for women with short upper body or wide shoulders. Rather not when you have a slender body or narrow shoulders.


Good for women with small or medium breasts. Rather than big breasts or shoulders.

Square neck

Good for women with a “Beyonc√® figure”. Round shoulders and hips and a narrow waist.


Beautiful neckline when you have a hourglass body figure and when you have bigger breasts.

High turtleneck

Only suitable when you have a long neck and for women with straight shoulders.

Small turtleneck

For women with small breasts and a medium to long neck.


Waterfall neck is suitable for many women. However, it depends on the fabric (gloss) and wrinkles which waterfall neck looks good on you.

Often you can quickly see which neckline fits best to your face and body figure. It is just a matter of trying and looking very well to yourself in the mirror ;))

Just try!

Love, Chris


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