In the streets of Milan

Milan and Chris in Milan


Citytrip Milan

Milan Milan, how beautiful you are! It was such a pleasure to go for a long weekend and enjoy the warm autumn sun in one of the most greatest cities of Europe.

On an early Thursday morning we went to the airport. When we arrived we saw that we could have stayed one hour longer in our bed because of a delay of three (!) hours. Thanks to Easyjet…
So we didn’t leave at 1 pm but at 4 pm and we arrived 3 hours later than planned. First day missed, thanks again Easyjet.
This is not a bad advertisement for Easyjet, but I had to say something about it (sorry not sorry ;)).

Let’s make the best of it

Once Thursday was forgiven, we had another 2 full days and the day of return. So let’s make the best of it. And ladies, that’s not that hard when you are in Milan. It will be crazy when you don’t succeed in this city.
On every corner a nice restaurant with the best pizzas and pastas. Good coffee everywhere and the nicest shops and boutiques. If you don’t like shopping, please do not go to Milan.

Milan the fashion city

Milan breathes fashion and, in my point of view, this is THE fashion place of Europe. It leaves Paris far behind when you mostly look at the street style. Either what to people wear on the streets.
People are dressed up every day of the week. Like they are going to a party. They don’t but they look like though.
I really like it because my motto is: “you only live once, why hide yourself instead of express? Do something about it and you will feel so much better through the day. And doing something about it doesn’t only mean take a shower and brush your hair. 

Shopping time

So we did some shopping. Especially for Milan. And I bought a great bag from Gianni Chiarini. These bags can be customized by guitar straps and fluffy keyrings. I’ll show you my bag soon, but in the meantime just check the website, you will be surprised :))

In short: Milan is highly recommended when you like (fresh) pasta and pizza, shopping and beautiful people!

The outfit I’m wearing on the pictures is a regular outfit, which is always good during city trips. I have to admit that I felt quite underdressed, but comfortable it was. And that’s also worth it ;))

Love, Chris


Outfit Milan

Look of Milan

Streetstyle of Milan

Casual style in Milan



Top – Costes
Jeans – Mango
Sneakers – Vans
Scarf – Zara
Bag – Mango




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