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outfit mix and match

Happy Monday!

Did you enjoy your weekend? My weekend started with the best feeling. On Friday we finally heard that we will receive the keys of our new home within a few weeks! After one and a half year of waiting, we will finally move to our new place soon!
We sold our beautiful appartment 1,5 year ago and since then we lived in different houses. The past three months we lived with friends and family. Our stuff is stored in a storage and most of my clothes moved with us (sometimes to the annoyance of Sander who didn’t had that much space because of all my clothes and shoes ;)).

We are extremely grateful that we could live with our best friends and dearest family for the past three months. We could not have done better. But now it’s almost time to enjoy our own place again, with our own things and stuff in a fantastic spot in Rotterdam.
I really cannot wait any longer!

Next step

Settling in our new house will also give me a lot of peace, I think. I noticed that I didn’t have felt that feeling in a while. And although a lot of people think of me being very structured, that turbulence also causes of lot of chaos in my mind. Forgotten things or unfinished things is the order of every day. 
Not only my head is suffering, also my friends, family and my work as well. I think everything will come in a somewhat quieter watershed, which at the same time benefits all of what I just mentioned.

Keep up the good work

Also the outfit posts on the blog have suffered. Because two or even three outfits in a week is almost impossible when you 1. live out of boxes and 2. do not have that great location near the place you live to make nice pictures.
So how much I like to show you these outfits, I did not manage to do this often enough. As soon as we moved, I think that all this will be a lot easier.
After all, we live in one of Rotterdams most photogenic sites, namely Katendrecht. Ladies just a few weeks, and those outfits will come up on the blog!

Mix and match

Today I show you an outfit that I wore in Milan. This mix and match outfit is still great to wear in Holland at the moment, although we need our wintercoat again.
Boyfriend jeans, sneakers, striped top with ruffles and bag with flowerprint on it. Casual, simple and yet a little trendy. 

What do you think?

Have a great week!

Love, Chris


puma heart satin sneakers

striped top with ruffles

crossbody flowerprint



Boyfriend jeans – Mango
Top – H&M
Sneakers – Puma
Bag – Mango









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