A few items for a rock ‘n roll touch


Rock ‘n Roll items

A new look today! An outfit with a rock ‘n roll touch because of a few items that will definitely give you that feeling.
A t-shirt with rock print (not a specific rockband because you know I don’t like that ;)), which I especially like by the colors and its beautiful shine. 
This cardigan is so fall by the perfect and beautiful colors. It matches great with the colors of the shirt but doesn’t look too styled together.
And then this skirt with lacquer leather look. According to many (read: those who are not used to this already ;)) maybe a bit lowbrow. As far as I’m concerned, it’s very nice and super stylish. If you wear it the right way though. 

How to combine?

A lot of women find it hard to combine or match an outfit together. Of course I understand, because there are so many clothes in stores (and propably in your closet as well) that it’s not that easy to put an outfit together nowadays.

Therefore, here some tips. Because you can learn how to style ;))

  • always start your outfit with one particular piece of clothing, an accessory or a pair of shoes. Build your look “around” this piece. I always start with the shoes.
  • go for up to three colors in one outfit. This makes it a lot easier in the beginning. So when you opt for white sneakers, there are two colors left. Second choice is jeans, you have one color left. When you think of three colors as a maximum, your look is never too much and you don’t have to think that long about your outfit.
  • want to wear boyfriend jeans? Opt for a tight or connected top. And vice versa; want to wear a loose fit top? Opt for skinny jeans or a tight skirt. This way you will keep your bodyfigure in balance and your look is never too shabby.
  • know what your positive points are and emphasize them. Do you think you are too skinny or too heavy? Go for striking lipstick or smokey eyes. All the attention will go to your beautiful face.

And last but not least…items with prints

Find it difficult to mix and match different prints together? Just go for one specific printed item and wear it with simple and basic pieces. Black, white and grey will matches almost every print. And look carefully where you wear the print; on top or on the bottom. Know that prints always stand out and get all the attention. So think your butt is too big? Wear a print in a top and not on pants ;)) 

Soon more tips and more outfits!

Curious what you think of my look!

Love, Chris




T-shirt & cardigan – Black Swan Fashion
Skirt – H&M
Boots – Sacha
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff








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