How to style this trend?


How to wear the skirt

I you didn’t like my last outfitpost you problably are not going to like this one ;)) This one is for the lacquer lovers. The skirt is back in a new look. Totally black and white.

I purchased this skirt at H&M a while ago when I saw it on one of my favorite Instagram accounts. At such moment I realize this may also happens to me sometimes….and how nice is that?! That someone got inspired from your looks. I think it’s very cool despite the fact that I have been working full time on my blog for 2,5 years now. And for me, it still works that way.
Because I’m always looking for (online) outfit inspiration. Well, I have a lot less time for it than I had before. I used to walk 2 times a week through the city centre and checked out the new items and stores. Just to get inspired. Unfortunately I don’t that time anymore.
And for online inspiration I cannot find the right time to check on Instagram accounts or Pinterest eather.

Create your own style

You may wonder how I assemble my daily outfits though. Well, I mainly do this by thinking less of what to wear.
As a mother, I have to create an outfit in the morning quickly so most of the time I do this when I’m still in bed. Then I think of what to wear that day and how I would style it. 
Once upon a time this does not always seem to be the best decision. Because on that day I find out my outfit boring or not that good. 
The best outfits are those who you still want to wear when you get home after work, instead of your home suit ;))

Look of today

So this is my look of today. Checked and purchased through Instagram and styled it my way. This is an outfit that I could easily wear tomorrow the same way again. Maybe I’ll do it ;))

Love, Chris




Top & skirt – H&M
Boots – Sacha
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff






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