How cool are these accessories?

leopard print skirt


A new look on Wednesday!
This week is all about networks for me. I have to say that I’m not quite a networker by nature. Networking on my own is quite scary and out of my comfort zone. But all learning is taught they say, and they so right in this case.

The nice thing about networking is the outcome. Two years ago I met a girl on a network event and since then we did a lot of business together and now she is also a dear friend to me. That’s a real succes story and that’s why it’s so nice to take the challenge of going to a network event over and over again. The details becomes more important than the network event itself.

This is also the case with outfits. Shoes and accessories will make a look your signature look. A look that suits you and reflects your personality.


Today not only the clothing deserves to be in the spotlight. Also my shoes and accessories does. Check out this beautiful bracelet. It fits perfectly with my style because of the black strap and silver details. If you take a close look you’ll see that it has the initials of Milan that makes it personal and special to me.

At first sight these shoes are just normal biker boots. But if you take a closer look you will see they have such special and great details which make them one of a kind.

I wear those items with a leopard skirt and knit who are perfect to wear during this season; flared skirt, leopard print and cosy knit.
And how do you like the match of the skirt with the color of this knit?
I will definitely wear this outfit again!

Love, Chris


outfit of today

bracelet KAYA sieraden

look of today

kennel und schmenger boots

look fall 2017




Leopard skirt – Ambika
Knit – The Cherry Picker
Boots – Kennel und Schmenger
Bracelet – KAYA





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