The perfect outfit for this season



People often ask me how I get inspired to write the blogs. Normally this comes automatically and I don’t have to think that long about an outfit or to write a blogpost.
But some days I just don’t have that much inspiration and don’t know what to write about. I just start every sentense over and over again and after one hour I still don’t have something on paper. 


So like today…I thought about writing an outfitpost for tomorroq (read: today). At the end it seems that I don’t have any inspiration and just cannot write on this Sunday afternoon.
Of course I can choose to stop and start again tomorrow, but I would like to show you this outfit! So I started this blog.
And this means less content and more images. Anno 2017 this seems to be a great idea after all, because more and more people are only looking at images and don’t read and listen that much anymore.
But of course I can tell you something about my outfit of today! With new it-bag, from sunny Milan. In combination with a warm winterdress, from which I love the color. The biker jacket and boots completes the look. This is a perfect outfit for a colder day in fall!

This outfit is totally me, and you don’t need much words for that 😉

Love, Chris




Dress & biker jacket – The Cherry Picker
Boots – Kennel und Schmenger
Bag – Gianni Chiarini




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