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Leather dress check, cool boots check, winterproof outfit almost….If you want to wear this outfit I recommend to wear a coat outside ;)). Taking pictures jacket-less is just not so good idea when it’s almost winter.

But in order not to show the same (boring) winter coat over and over again, I have to take these pics without coat.
How these photos are made is also something to laugh about. In this way I literally tried to show myself from my best side while I heard Sander say all the time: “stand up straight, don’t pretend to be cold”.

I love this man very much, for 11 years already. He is and has always been my best support. It’s a man to build on and someone who is honest with you. So you may understand that I took his advice. As a result here are the pics. They become quite nice I have to say. So thank you sweet 😉


Today as we speak we start a new chapter in our lives. We will receive the keys of our new home. After two years of waiting, we finally get them! I’m more than a happy girl, you can understand.
So the next four weeks are mainly focused on our new home. If all goes as planned, the Christmas tree in our new home will be a fact this year.

Once we have moved, I also have more time to take outfit pics. Our house has so much light that we may even take them inside on a rainy day. So stay tuned….

Today I show you a winter outfit with this leatherlook dress I recently bought during a ladies event in Rotterdam. We can keep it short about the event, but the dress is a keeper. He showes a nice waistline and is tough because of the fabric and model. Also great to wear with sneakers, or bikerboots by the way. Soon more outfits to show with this dress…

As you know I don’t often wear heels, but if I wear them they must have something special. And these boots do have that special touch. Not something for the daily routine for me like a mom, but certainly fun for once.

Soon more pictures and of course I give you a sneak peak of our new home <3

Love, Chris




Leatherlook dress – local shop Rotterdam
Boots – Van Bommel
Bag – The Cherry Picker










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  • That’s a fabulous outfit. All in black with a stripe of white! An elegant style for women who want to look sophisticated and very special. Like that shoulder clutch bag. The boots look irresistibly chic.
    Irina ||

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