How to wear the fiddler cap?


This season you will make a statement by wearing the fiddler cap. This cap has been worn since 1840 but this year it is a real fashion trend.

The fiddler cap as a fashion statement? Wear it like this:

  • wear this cap with your hair loose or tight in a knot. Opt for a low knot, Parisienne style!
  • you can wear this cap with different styles. Make it a little bit urban by wearing it with some tough items. And make it more classy by wearing it with some feminine items. I like outfits with some contrast. So I wear this cap with boyfriend jeans, sneakers and blouse or feminine top.
  • want to go for the Parisienne look? Wear the sailor hat in combination with high waisted jeans and striped top, love this look!


Is this something you would wear? Here is some inspiration, girls!

Love Chris


Pictures from Pinterest




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